Real-time quiz during assessment centre activites

Reviewing candidates’ knowledge or skills with the interactive real-time quiz can be a great addition to any assessment centre activities. Recently, Slovenská sporiteľňa used the InteractionUp quiz to enrich their assessment center process and we bring you a brief summary of the event.

Introducing Slovenská sporiteľňa

Currently, Slovenská sporiteľňa is the largest commercial bank in Slovakia with a full foreign exchange license and a permit for mortgage trading. The bank has the largest share of the deposit market, has the biggest network of its own branches, and issues the most bank payment cards. 

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  • Make the event less stressful for candidates
  • Liven up the assessment process


Quiz questions

The quiz can be used during any activity, or at the end of the day for a final review. Since the quiz is a game at its core, it lightened up the mood, and increased focus and attention. Slovenská sporiteľňa used the quiz during the very first activity, which served as an effective icebreaker and also during the final activity to end the day on a positive note.

Candidates enjoyed it

It was clear candidates enjoyed the quiz and after the session, they voted it their favourite activity. Everyone was excited to compete against others and win.

Overall evaluation

Introducing an interactive and fun tool to the assessment process, which can be a little stressful, made candidates feel more at ease and excited to participate in the following activities with greater eagerness and focus. Including the quiz in the final activity helped to leave everyone feeling good about the day and strengthened their positive outlook on the company in general.