Creating interactive content marketing ON AIR on the radio

The unique combination of qualities makes the real-time multi-player quiz game a marketing- and sales-oriented product.

  • The first objective is fun. Participants compete against each other and engage in the excitement of a real-time game.
  • Listeners remember information better when they are already in a good mood. The fun game and witty comments from radio hosts create a positive mood in all listeners, which makes them more receptive to the emphasized information. This way the quiz subtly and effectively brings focus on a product, service, or sponsor.
  • It is the number of listeners that matters. The quiz may be played by 500 or 1 000 players, but because it is commented on air, all listeners receive the information. The reach of content marketing on air is the number of players and the significantly higher number of listeners.


It has been proven that the best received is native marketing. And the InteractionUp real-time multi-player quiz is the perfect tool.

Some quiz examples:

The quiz: How well do you know the world records?

The quiz sponsor: Samsung

The quiz had 10 questions, 9 about world records, and one about the newest Samsung product. All players and listeners had Samsung brought to their attention during the quiz, which has already encouraged a positive mood and made them more receptive to the information.

The question: The new smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the first water-resistant foldable phone in the world. You can pre-order it now. How long can it stay 1.5 meters underwater in the freshwater?

  • A. 26 minutes
  • B. 60 minutes
  • C. 30 minutes (correct answer)


The quiz: Football championships

The quiz sponsor: Nike

The quiz had 10 questions, 9 were about the football championships, and one focused on the quiz sponsor.

The question: Which brand of football cleats does Christiano Ronaldo wear?

  • A. Nike (correct answer)
  • B. Adidas
  • C. Puma