Real-time quiz for a betting company’s web

Who is Fortuna

Fortuna is a well-known betting company established in Prague in 1990. The company is now operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, and Croatia, bringing more fun and excitement to games. As said in their mission statement: Responsibly. Anytime. And anywhere.

Fortuna’s aim was to increase number of returning clients by offering a fun and interactive game not only to its already existing clients but also to wider audience, including unregistered visitors who could stop by and play without needing to register, or make financial deposits.

Fortuna’s main goals

  • Engage regular clients and also unregistered users in games. Attractive prizes motivate people to test their knowledge,  especially since participating is as easy as creating a nickname.
  • Increase web traffic and number of returning clients. The quiz was meant to strengthen players’ relationship with the brand through excitement and regularity. Once people were spending time on the web, they were more likely to explore it and find something they liked.
  • Increase product awareness
  • Offer a product that competitors do not. Fortuna also desired to be distinguished from its competitors by creating something new, innovative, and engaging.


How the quiz worked

Once the quiz had been created in admin tooll and implented via i-frame to the website , the countdown page was displayed.  Anyone could join, no registration was needed. Players needed to create only a nickname in order to play.


Five minutes before the quiz starts, the countdown page changed to a waiting room and while players were eagerly waiting for the game and watching others joining in real-time, Fortuna took the best advantage of this time and space to present a video from their regular production. As anticipation ran high, everyone watched closely anything displayed in the waiting room. 

The game itself consisted of seven questions about sport. The player with the most correct answers won. When more players scored the same number of correct answers, the player with more points for speed won.

Of course, it would not have been a proper game without some motivational prizes at the end. Fortuna awarded TOP 20 players:

  • 1st place = 60 Euro
  • 2nd place = 40 Euro
  • 3rd place = 20 Euro
  • 4th – 20st place = various amounts of account points to spend in other games on Fortuna’s web


Winners were asked to submit their email address to claim their prizes. However, even those who lost, could still try their luck in a raffle. To enter, they were also asked to submit their email address

Fortuna’s results

  • Fortuna welcomed on average 1 200 regular players a week
  • In one year more than 20 000 email leads were generated from players
  • Fortuna gained a unique product that is hard to copy in production
  • Players appreciated the fun element with no need of registration or financial deposits
  • High engagement of players in discussion forums after the quiz