Quiz. The best tool for your web

There are a million websites in the world, and they are all focused to gain the attention of visitors. Certainly the most important factor for visitors is the content they find on the site, but another very important factor is fun and relax. Here comes the InteractionUp with the solution of real time interactive quizzes, which is absolutely unique on the market. The website is enriched with funny and relaxing content that the visitors will love. If you’ve been looking for a way to generate more value, our real-time quiz is the answer.

A Great Addition to Any Website

Our quiz allows you to:

  • Increase the number of web visitors and their retention
  • Entertain your visitors with a playful quiz game
  • Increase the amount of time visitors spend on your website
  • Create closer relationship with your visitors and earn trust
  • Gain loyalty by offering something new to your visitors
  • Build a quality website and boost business

 Make it real-time

This is the key characteristic why our quiz stands out from the crowd: it is real-time! What does it mean? It is very simple; everyone competes against each other live, in the same moment. Weather you are Inge from Vienna or João from Lisbon, you play together, at the same time, no matter the time zone. What counts in the final score is the number of correct answers and faster response time.

Easy to build & automated

The beauty of these web-based quizzes is the simplicity of set-up. Our quiz builder is fast, easy-to-use, intuitive and allows you to create your own quiz within 10 minutes in the dashboard. You just need to login to your administrative dashboard, drag-and-drop widgets to design the quiz and copy the quiz’s embed code & paste it to your chosen web page. Your quiz is now visible online. No coding knowledge is required for the code generation. There is no need for any manual control either, simply set up and exact time when the quiz should be launched and leave it, everything else is automated. 

Fully customizable

Very important function of any website is to reflect the unique personality of the company it belongs to, in order to maintain a sense of online brand recognition. InteractionUp keeps this it in mind with fully customizable quiz options in the form of widgets. There are plenty of color schemes to choose from, it allows users to upload background images and offers the use of logos. Make your online quiz even more interactive by adding relevant icons, images, videos, and GIFs to the display.  More interactive content means more engagement.

Real-life scenarios

Quizzes work for any business and can be a great way to welcome visitors and get them on the right track immediately. Let me name couple of specific examples of how the websites can use our interactive quiz in real life. For instance, betting offices can create interesting sports quizzes with the opportunity to win attractive prices. Another example, famous media sites can create a webpage for their users where they would repeatedly entertain visitors with various types of quizzes from diverse areas: history to economy etc. Moreover, the quiz can be held every day on different topics or once a week, in order to keep the visitors excited.

To sum it up, InteractionUp web quizzes are great at keeping people hooked and visitor retention is an important metric when it comes to your website. Take an advantage of the benefits on InteractionUp’s easy-to-use, real-time, highly engaging, and fully customizable web quizzes and start designing today.

 So, do you want to turn your website into a successful store? We hope yes! Let’s get started.