The new greatest solution for your web: A real-time multiplayer quiz

People browse the internet to find information and have fun. There are millions of websites online, so how do you make them visit and spend time on your web?

Make your web stand out with our real-time quiz! Enhance your content with a unique and fun element that will draw visitors to your web, cause, information, brand, product; or anything you wish to share with the world.

Our real-time quiz will enrich the overall experience of your web, generate more value, increase engagement, spark interest in first-time visitors, grow relationships with your regular visitors, build your brand awareness, and much more.



A great addition to any and every website!

What is real-time?

Real-time is the very key characteristic that makes our quiz stand out from the crowd as it is a live event. Our quiz is played


  • online (on your web),
  • live (whether you are Inge from Vienna or João from Lisbon, you play against each other at the same time, no matter your time zone),
  • in real-time (players compete against other real players in real-time).


The player with the highest number of correct answers and the fastest response time wins.

Our quiz has also other amazing qualities

It is easy and quick to set up

Our quiz-builder is easy-to-use, intuitive, and allows you to create a quiz within 10 minutes. Login to your dashboard, set up the date and time of the quiz, create questions, customize the design and then simply copy-paste the iframe to your web, and your quiz is now online. No coding knowledge is required.




It is fully automated

There is no need to manually control the quiz either. Simply set an exact date and time when the quiz should be launched; sit back, relax and watch your quiz start.

It is fully customizable

A very important quality of any website is to reflect the unique personality of the company and maintain a sense of online brand recognition. In InteractionUp we keep this in mind and that’s why we have developed a white label solution. Our fully customizable quiz options allow you to adjust color schemes, upload background images and logos, and write your text.

Make your online quiz even more interactive by adding relevant icons, images, videos, and GIFs. More interactive content means more engagement.

Real-life tips and examples

A quiz can be so much more than just questions and answers. However, it can be tough to see all the amazing options and use cases it brings. We are here to help you and show you several use case scenarios on how to take full advantage of the quiz potential.

For example, betting companies can create quizzes about sports and players with the opportunity to win prizes or account credit, which will winners make more likely to create an account on the web.

Media websites can create entertaining quizzes on all kinds of topics (history, economy, music, current events, etc.) to engage their listeners and attract them to their web.

Finance companies can use quizzes to educate people on finance in general, building their professional trustworthiness in the eyes of clients.

With our quiz, marketing companies can generate more leads and offer valuable advertising space to their clients as our solution allows them to upload banners and use interactive effects to make them even more noticeable.

Bookstores and their quizzes about their bestsellers or classics will always have an audience.

Tip: Creating quizzes regularly allows people to get hooked on your quiz and look forward to it.

Try it now for free!

Our quiz is great at attracting and retaining web visitors, which is an important metric for your web. It is also easy to use, fully customizable, and highly engaging. Take an advantage of the InteractionUp real-time quiz benefits and start creating quizzes today!

Happy designing!