Engaging viewers in live TV broadcasts of sporting events

Goal: Actively engage viewers during live TV broadcasts of sporting events

Solution: Viewers ask questions using our interactive tool Audience Questions which is embedded directly on a website.

Our solutions to frequent issues

ISSUE:  There are too many questions and the TV hosts struggle to choose the best questions to ask their guests or commentators.

SOLUTION: The viewers can vote for their favourite questions by giving them a LIKE and letting the TV hosts know which questions they want to have answered.


ISSUE:  Some questions are inappropriate, hateful, or disrespectful and should not be made public.

SOLUTION: Our tool offers the possibility to review questions and manually approve or disapprove them before they are published. This function can be switched on or off. The TV host reviews the questions and only approved questions will be displayed publicly.


ISSUE: The TV host is overwhelmed by choosing, approving, and asking questions all at once.

SOLUTION: We understand the busyness of live events, that’s why our admin has a clean design for easy, intuitive, and quick navigation. The most popular questions move to the top, while disapproved ones disappear completely to make room for valid questions.

For which sporting events is our tool the best option?

Audience Questions is a great tool, especially for sporting events with breaks that can be used by the TV host to answer questions and communicate with the viewers. For example, baseball, American football, box, MMA, tennis, etc. Also, calmer or longer sporting events offer plenty of room for audience questions. Think athletics, triathlon, gymnastics, biathlon, cycling, etc.


Our solution Audience Questions offers a new level of dynamic interaction that livens up any live sporting event and increases audience engagement. It should be a new norm for live broadcasts of sporting events.

Do not forget to experience our sample Audience Questions on our website!