Facebook poll for everyone

Over the past decade, the use of online research methods such as online poll has rapidly increased. Thanks to technological advances, you can nowadays conduct research for a fraction of the cost and time. This makes collecting data easier and faster than ever.

Thanks to InteractionUp you can not only create a poll for the social network Facebook, but the poll is enriched with elements of real-time voting, and in addition you get a new source of an income, that no other poll on Facebook offers.

Benefits & key features

  • Engage more with your fans and subscribers
  • Get their instant social feedback
  • Get an idea about how happy they are with your service
  • Gain valuable data that your team can quickly analyse
  • Highly customizable
  • New Advertisement
  • Real time interaction

Simply, seeing your product through your clients’ eyes can help you to improve it. They may be experiencing issues that you are not aware of and give you new ideas you wouldn’t have thought about. It enables you to make the necessary adjustments to your products, or to prepare the right content for your facebook page.

Easy, fast, more accurate and accessible real-time

Online polls can be created in no time and offer instant delivery of the results. You can read someone’s response immediately after they submit it. The results of the online poll are ready to be analysed real-time, at any time. This enables you to act quickly, create graphs for reporting, export data for further analysis and share your results with anyone.

Design flexibility, easy to style

Creating a poll in InteractionUp is very easy and with just one click you can share it to your facebook page. It can be styled to match your facebokk page with customised backgrounds, layouts, images, logo, fonts etc. The poll can be rapidly deployed and completed by the respondents. 

To sum up, online poll is a great way to reach and engage with your target audience. In the world of market research, poll is more valuable than ever, because it is reliable, and it allows you to go deeper. It can be used for everything from product ideas, to measuring their success or simply just for voting of the best player. Get started now by designing your own online poll in minutes with InteractionUp user-friendly yet advanced web application.