Light up the Fans and attract your sponsors

Host an interactive real time quiz for stadium viewers, entertain them by making them feel part of the sports event, and attract your sponsors with co-marketing and advertising activities. Create a fun and memorable experience for everyone!

What is needed?




All you need is a stadium LED screen/large format display, or a modern ice cube installed at your sporting venue, and of course, an audience: the fans taking part in the interactive quiz.

How does it work?

Take advantage of a break during the sports game, i.e., during halftime in football, between quarters in basketball, rest intermission in hockey and launch a quiz for the fans in the stadium. Create your own quiz questions and hook up fans from their mobile phones. Login information will simply pop up on the stadium LED screen, and quiz players can test their knowledge of a specific sport.

Bring the spectators closer to the action! The audience will see the increasing number of quiz-takers, and those who are still uncertain will be motivated to join in. The sports presenters will give a real-time commentary on the quiz, highlighting the sponsors at all times. The quiz's functionality allows the host to control the pace of the game and everyone can answer the same questions together. Quiz players will stand a chance to win exciting prizes, like tickets for the next game at VIP room, lunch with famous players, or anything else your fans love.


Tell me more benefits!

Attract sponsors by displaying their advertising messages during the quiz. Add branding with their company logos, as shown in the picture below.


Advertising during sports is becoming a more valued asset, moving forward. High tech audio with the right acoustics, combined with the right visual message, equals a buying success for the sponsor and allows both the stadium and the sponsor to feel like it is a win-win!