Real-time quiz ON AIR for the radio Evropa2!

Introducing the radio Evropa2

Active Radio a.s. is a multimedia group owning the most popular radio stations in the Czech Republic EVROPA2 and Frekvence1. It operates several online media, and streaming audio services, brings together the most lively groups of fans on social networks, and organizes the most stellar events. Since 2018, it has belonged to the holding company Czech Media Invest.


  • Engage fans of the radio
  • Attract listeners to their web


Promoting the quiz

Implementing the quiz on the web

Once the quiz had been created in the admin tool and implemented via I-frame to the website, the countdown page was displayed. Anyone could join, no registration was needed. Players needed to create only a nickname to play.

Commenting on the quiz live on air

Every step of the quiz was enhanced by the radio presenters’ live commentary full of witty comments and fun facts, which not only increased adrenalin in the players and overall anticipation of the final results but also made it an enjoyable listening experience for everyone else listening on air and encouraged them to play the next time.


The quiz was a success, attracting even more listeners to actively engage with the radio while having fun and learning something new than the last time. We recommend keeping the quiz on a regular schedule so that people can learn to expect the game and look forward to it regularly.