A new era of client acquisition tools starts with InteractionUp

You have heard of the client acquisition tools, but have you heard of InteractionUp?

The unique combination of interactive gamification elements and well-proven best practices opens doors to a new era of client acquisition tools that are effective, addictive, and fun.

Keyword: Creativity

All B2C companies know this: Clients are vital for business. Especially happy returning clients and satisfied new ones. A significant budget gets allocated specifically for this purpose. Betting on proven tools and ways creates results, yet, gaining new customers seems harder and harder every year. What used to work yesterday, needs a new idea today.

It seems that the usual ways are in need of an update. And the keyword is creativity.



Companies focused on gaining new clients:

  • Banks: Clients who open new bank accounts.
  • Telecommunication: Clients who sign up for monthly rates.
  • Betting companies: Clients who open new accounts and try betting for the first time.
  • Brokers: Clients who open new accounts and buy their first stock exchange.


10 time-tested ways to bring in new blood:

  • Asking for referrals
  • Offering discounts and incentives for new customers only
  • Making websites attractive and striking
  • Using online reviews to advantage
  • Partnering up with complementary businesses
  • Promoting expertise
  • Creating interesting online campaigns (google ads, etc)


The InteractionUp solution

InteractionUp introduces a real-time multi-player quiz. This interactive tool combines several of the above-mentioned ways of client acquisition with an entirely new and creative approach.

InteractionUp increases the website’s attractiveness

The real-time quiz brings a dynamic, interactive, and fun element to the website, which is very attractive to clients and makes them return. Because the real-time game is played at a specific time, it increases regular visits to the website, if scheduled regularly.

InteractionUp turns leads into clients

Participating in the quiz is without any obligations. The secret to turning incognito participants into leads and eventually into registered clients lies in offering interesting prizes to the quiz winners and the opportunity to win smaller prizes in a raffle for those who did not win this time. For example, a bank might offer relief in fees for a certain time if the winner opens a new bank account. Telecommunications might provide discounts on monthly fees, or offer extra data for free. It has been proven that gamification elements increase CTA (call-to-action) conversion.

‘As players engage with the gamified elements provided by your brand, they are more likely to respond to your CTA, than if it was a traditional banner ad or any other marketing method in order to win the rewards that you have attached to the interactive experience.‘


InteractionUp promotes the companies‘ expertise

The quiz should have interesting questions and focus on a topic people enjoy. Then, 2 or 3 quiz questions should be related to the industry. This way the companies can educate the public in an interactive and fun way, and also strengthen their position as the expert in the field. For example, a finance company can teach people the basics of financial education.

The real-time multi-player quiz is a new interactive and creative marketing tool with unlimited potential.